Diaspora paragraph

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Diaspora is a term that means that a group of people is leaving the homeland and settle down to another place. Movement of people from homeland to another place is the main thing. Sometimes it does willingly and sometimes under pressure. Jews people are well known as the first diaspora people. Abraham was leaving from the homeland of Iraq under pressurized conditions. Refer to diaspora due to take shelter in Egypt. Aryans are the second diaspora. They took shelter in the Indian subcontinent around a thousand years ago from the European homeland. Many reasons are present behind the diaspora. Force, personal interest, war, natural harmful calamities, threat or any other unknown reasons are present behind causing diaspora. People ware partitioned between India and Pakistan in 1947. Most recently Rohingyas are taking shelter in Bangladesh from Arakan, Myanmar. It is a very recent issue and religion is the main reason for the diaspora. Due to globalization, people are spread out worldwide countries. Settle in UK, USA, Italy, German, Canada, Australia is terming as very familiar now. More opportunities, better placement, corruption present in the country, to get higher study and others are the causes of willing diaspora. Diaspora prefers as a burden for the giving shelter country. A developed country can manage it. But for the underdeveloped or developing country, it looks like a burden. For stopping diaspora worlds' leaders should aware to stop war, dissimilarities, improving lifestyle and fulfill peoples' desires.

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