Climate Change Paragraph

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Climate change is one of the burning issues the world is facing currently. It is an issue that isn't targeted to any specific group of people rather it will affect the whole of mankind. But it will affect people living below the poverty line the most. Global warming is considered one of the main reasons for climate change. Global warming indicates the rise in temperature worldwide which is caused by different reasons. As the developed countries are producing tons of greenhouse gases regularly, it is damaging the nature very fast. But the developing or underdeveloped countries have to face the result of climate change first. As a result of global warming, different natural calamities like floods, cyclones, drought will occur and they will take thousands of lives. As poor people worldwide have no safety measure against all these, they will suffer the most. Moreover, polar ice packs will also melt with the rise of temperature which is very risky for the people living in coastal areas. It has been found in researches that if the average temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius, sea level will rise by 1 meter. It will cause thousands of people living in coastal areas to leave their accommodation. As Bangladesh is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the southern part of the country, Bangladesh is also at risk of being affected by climate change. With the industrial revolution, millions of factories are set up and they are emitting chemicals that are very harmful to nature. If they don't take proper steps to prevent this, it will take a short time to damage the atmosphere of this planet. Even using excessive motor vehicles leads to carbon emission which damages nature greatly. Though the world leaders are discussing to reduce the carbon emission globally, we should be aware of the upcoming danger. Our government should take proper steps to save the greenery and tree plantation can play a vital role to fight climate change. Also, the factories should be compliant with the safety rules so that no harmful chemicals can enter nature without being treated. This way, we would be able to build a world for our next generation which will be healthier and safer. It is our duty to save our planet from the adverse effects of climate change and it is high time we should take steps.

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