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Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about how to improve in English/how to learn English.

Nikunjo-02, Dhaka
26 December, 2023

My Dear Sumit,

In you last letter you mentioned that you are a bit weak in English and now, I am going to give you some tips. Read carefully.

Improving skills in English not something that cannot be achieved by memorizing but constant practice. There are four parts in English; reading, writing, listening and speaking. For reading smoothly you have to read a lot of books. It can be novel, tail or can be English newspaper. It will also help you to gather vocabulary which is very important for all four parts. Then, for writing, you can practice free hand writing. First, you can write by watching the text and then try it by yourself. You have to write a lot and every day. Next, it comes the listening part and the only solution for it to listen a lot of English news and movies or someone who can speak proper English. Finally, you have to practice speaking. You can stand in front of a mirror while practicing speaking or you can practice with your friend. You can try your daily conversation with friends in English.

In the beginning, there will be many mistakes but do not give up. After a certain time, you will enjoy it and the mistakes will decrease. No more today. Waiting for your response.

Yours ever,

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