An Ideal Student Paragraph

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The Qualities and Duties of an Ideal Student

A student who is sincere to his/her classmates and obedient to his/her teachers is an ideal student. Actually, he/she must possess some qualities so that he/she may be followed by other students. The first and foremost duty of an ideal student is to study hard. She/he should not idle away his/her time. She/he should be punctual, and disciplined and industrious. He/She should avoid bad companies. It is also his/her responsibility to help his/her weaker classmates. He/She should also be cooperative to his/her family. She/he will never be a self-centered person. He/She must engage himself/herself in different kinds of social activities for the betterment of the society as well as the country. An idle student does not confine himself/herself to the prescribed books only; rather he/she studies many other reference books to enrich his/her knowledge. He/She never learns his/her lessons by rote. He/She always takes an active part in other co-curricular activities of school. These make him/her different from other students. An ideal student should be polite in his/her behaviour as it highlights his/her other qualities. He/She must obey his/her elders and love his/her youngers. I want to be an ideal student. For this, I always try to utilize my time. I study while it is time for studying and play while it is time for playing. I am cooperative towards my classmates. I read newspapers, magazines and other books beside my academic ones.

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