A Liar Cowboy

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There was a naughty cowboy who grazed his cows beside a forest. He used to make fun with people crying Tiger! Tiger! Help! Help!" The villagers heard his cry and ran to help him. When they came near him, they found no tiger there and the boy laughed at them. The villagers were fooled by the cunning boy and hence, they went away. After a few days, he made the same fun and the villagers came again to help him but found no tiger there. One day, a tiger really came and it attacked the cattle. The boy somehow climbed up a tree and shouted for help. The villagers heard him but they thought that he was kidding again and so, no one came to help him. The tiger killed one of his cows and took it away. The boy felt sorry for his silly joke. From then, he promised not to tell a lie and befool people again.

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