Tree plantation paragraph

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1. Write a paragraph on 'Tree Plantation' in about 200 words answering the following questions:

(a) What is tree plantation?
(b) What do we get from trees?
(c) Why should we plant more trees?
(d) When is the suitable time for tree plantation?
(e) How can we take care of them?

Tree Plantation

Tree Plantation means to plant trees in a fixed or different areas to produce wood. The importance of tree plantation can't be ignored any more. Through tree plantation our environment remains balanced properly. Natural calamities can't occur unexpectedly. Our demand of food is met up. Oxygen is properly balanced in air. The most important thing is that ecological balance remains fit for the betterment of the maintenance of humans and animals and plants as well. If trees aren't planted, we can't get food, oxygen and different kinds of needful elements from the trees. Therefore, there is a close relationship in between trees and humans. If there had been no trees, the environment would have lost balance. Floods and drought may occur repeatedly. Lands would turn into desert place. The rainy season is the best time for plantation of trees. We should take some effective measures to grow them well. We should take care of them properly as to the animals or other concerns can't damage them. We can get available trees from any nursery or govt. agriculture department. We can take part in tree plantation campaign. We should make the tree plantation program successful for a better habitat.

2. Write a paragraph on 'Tree Plantation' answering the following questions:

(a) What does a tree do for us?
(b) What happes if there were no trees?
(c) What is the effect of the loss of trees?
(d) What should be done to save mankind?
(e) How can be made the earth greener, cleaner and safer?
(f) What part do people play in protecting trees and increasing forests?

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation is not an option but a necessity. By tree plantation we mean the act of planting trees and plants on a regular basis. In other words, tree plantation is the opposite deed of cutting down trees. Therefore, tree plantation can be defined as a move to maintain ecological balance for the common benefit of humans and animals. There are many vital causes for planting trees. The first and most significant reason for which we should plant trees is humans' need for oxygen. Trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. We cannot survive a single minute without oxygen. Again, by sucking up the toxic carbon di-oxide, we breathe out trees keep our environment habitable. Besides, we ought to plant trees for fruits, flowers, and timber. Also, trees are necessary to cool down city life, prevent soil and river erosion, screen ultra violet rays from the sun, accommodate fauna, and to fight climate change. We should plant trees mostly during the rainy season. We should plant trees on roads, around schools and houses, on roof tops of the buildings in cities, on river banks, and along sea shore. We have to take proper care of the trees we plant. To do this we should make fence around them, support them with sticks and water them if necessary. Observation of tree plantation week by government can go a long way to make people conscious of tree plantation. Besides, the government can broadcast educative programmes on this issue on radio and television. Also, the government should instruct all public offices and institutions to plant trees and check corruption in forestry sector.

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