Female Education Paragraph

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The Importace of Female Education

Female education means education to a nation. Because, if a nation wants to be educated, it needs an educated mother first. An educated mother can educate her child well. Moreover, in order to maintain its existence and build a successful and beautiful national life, it is necessary to focus on female's education. So men as well as women have to be educated. Through education a woman can make herself worthy. Female contribute more than male in education. Because every child grows up in his mother's lap. The mother spends much more time behind the child than the father. As a result, the child develops in the ideal of the mother. Only an educated mother can bring up her child in good education. Referring to the influence of women in education, Napoleon said, 'Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation. Therefore, in the overall development of the country and the nation, women's education must be given priority. Educated women are one of the tools to fulfill the biggest interests of the nation. Although women in our country generally considered as housewives and mothers, they have come a long way today. Women have a special role to play in building a peaceful society by maintaining happiness and peace in family life as well. Only an educated woman can keep the happiness, peace, income and prosperity of the world in order. Today's children are the leaders of tomorrow. And we want an ideal mother to raise these children. If children do not develop into ideals, the nation will soon be destroyed. Women's education needed to raise an ideal child as an ideal mother. Women's education is invaluable in gifting an educated nation to the next generation and improving national life.

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