Importance of Learning English Paragraph

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The Importace of Learning English

English being an International Language dominates all over the world. It is the only language to communicate with other countries internationally. Hence arises the question of Communicative English. Communicative English means to express oneself willingly. It refers to the ability to use a language i an appropriate way in different circumstances. There are two ways of developing communicative competence in a language. The first is the acquisition which is similar to the way people develop their ability in their mother tongue. It is a natural subconscious process in which users are not usually aware of acquiring a language. They are aware only of the fact that they are using a language to communicate. In non- technical terms acquisition is picking up a language spontaneously. The second way of developing communicative competence in a language is learning that language. It also refers to conscious knowledge of a language knowing the rules of language use, being aware of using them and being able to talk about them. In non-technical terms learning is to know consciously about a language. It is described as explicit learning. Language specialists believe that acquiring a language is more successful and longer lasting than learning. It needs perseverance, hard working, concentration etc. At present teachers also encourage the learners of a second language to practice and experience the language in different situations where they are involved in communicating with others. A statistical data shows that about 350 million people speak English as their first language and another 300 million people use it as a second language. English is the official or semi-official language in more than 60 countries and of many international organizations. The International Olympic Committee, for example, always holds meetings in English. English helps the international community and the business world to communicate across national borders. More than 80% of all information in the world's computers is in English. Some companies provide English language training for their staff. It is a wonder that job facility often asks for a good working knowledge of English. Many experts believe that English usually helps them to get good jobs with handsome salaries. Communicative English has been introduced both at SSC and HSC levels all over the country. It is a new system so it is taught everywhere in the country. Questions will be set in accordance with the communicative style. This system will help the learners establish good communication with foreign countries. English is an international language. It has an influence all over the world. A man in any country can speak and write something in English. It is a particular or specific language to communicate with different countries. An English knowing person of any country has a great value/demand in the international business and community as well. Without the power of vision a man can become blind likewise a man without an optimum knowledge of English is not nationally and internationally important. Conscious knowledge of any language except English may help a man to be important in his own country for it can express itself to the common people. That's why teachers encourage learners to concentrate on their mother tongue. Mother tongue of any nation is a limited language within the range and area of the country. Such a knowledge of English makes a man internationally important. To communicate with people of other countries needs a good command over a language especially English. Since it is a predominating language, it needs a good and long lasting verbal and non-verbal communication that can easily be established with the learning of English.

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