A School Magazine Paragraph

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A School Magazine is immensely connected to the literature side of the pupils of any school. It is generally published once every year. And the works related to the publication of a school magazine gives much pleasure to all. Not only the students but also the teachers join this venture to publish a school magazine that reflects the natural talents of the students and teachers. First of all, a magazine committee is formed to supervise the whole process and usually, a senior teacher takes over the charge. The authority of the school bears the cost of publication but the works for this literary piece are voluntary. Students happily join the work and they are highly encouraged when their names come printed on a school magazine. It is announced to every class to submit their creative writings or other submission for a school magazine. Students and teachers write their feelings in the form of stories, essays, poems, jokes, etc. All the writings are submitted to the editorial committee who selects the appropriate writings for publishing on a school magazine. After the writings are selected, students and teachers work together to decorate the magazine in the final stages. Not only the writings, all the achievements and glorious moments of the school also go to the magazine. The head of the institution gives his speech to motivate students in co-curricular activities so that they can nurture their hidden talents from a very young age. After all the work has been done, it is then finalized and sent to the press for publication. After various stages of proofreading, the final publication comes out and it is delivered to the school. The school authority then offers every student their copies. It is a moment of joy and pride to see their creations in a school magazine. It encourages them to practice more and it brings out their natural talents. A school magazine also reflects the educational condition of any institution. One can easily look at a school magazine of any educational institution and justify whether the standard of education is up to the mark or not. Publishing a school magazine is necessary to keep the students moral strong and it is a practice that should be continued.

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