Food Adulteration Paragraph

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Food is the basic need for human life. It helps human beings to grow up and ensures to survive on earth. So, it is called human fuel. But it is a great regret that these life leading foods are being adulterated indiscriminately. Basically, vegetables, oil, fruits, fishes, mill, milk products, baby foods, fast food, are being adulterated daily. There are many reasons for food adulteration. Various food and beverage industries use poisonous chemicals to keep food fresh look, longer-lasting, and high profit. The main reason for food adulteration is the endless greed of the immoral and dishonest businessmen. Human life is less valued to their profit. Different researches initiated by National Food Safety Laboratories, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), and many health organizations prove that most of the foods are being adulterated randomly. Adulterated foods contain harmful substances like DDT, Aldrine, formalin, Chlordane, etc. which cause many serious diseases such as cancer, liver damage, kidney failure, heart diseases, high blood pressures, headache, etc. All adulterated foods are very detrimental to our health and life. It creates slow poisoning in the body and leads to certain death. So, it is high time to stop food adulteration anyhow. Though our government has already taken some positive steps, it is not sufficient. A monitoring cell has to be formed to monitor the food manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sales sections. Dishonest businessmen should be identified and punished. After all the govt. law enforcement agencies, mass media, and common people have to work through a concerted effort to solve the issue.

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