A Railway Station Paragraph

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A railway station is a place where trains stop at and start from. It is one of the busiest and crowded places. People of all ages and all walks of life are seen here. Passengers come and go. A kind of eagerness can be noticed in their eye and face as they are on the way to their respective destination. Moreover, train journey creates a kind of thrill and excitement in the passengers especially in the young ones. Some come out of the station followed by coolies with luggage on their heads. They look tired but are now somewhat relieved of the journey. Some are busy buying tickets. They push one another to go ahead. In almost every station, there is a book stall where newspapers and magazines can be found. The total place become lively by the hue and cry of the passengers and above all by the peculiar voices of the hawkers who try to attract the attention of the buyers. The building of a railway station is brick-built. It is generally painted red and has a very antique look. At the Iron Gate stands a railway official with a hat on the head. In the rest room, passengers are found waiting for the train. When the expected train comes, they get into the train. One can see from a distance the green, blue and red signals'. The flagman moves about with red and green flags. The station is indeed a busy place. But as soon as the train steams off, the station loses its main business and looks somewhat deserted, calm and quiet. The business of the coolies and hawkers also gets lessened. Thus, a railway station alternately becomes busy and quiet.

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