Environment Pollution Paragraph

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Imagine that you are studying on Environment Pollution. Read the questions below and write a paragraph by answering them.

(a) What is environment pollution?
(b) What are the elements of the environment?
(c) How are the elements of environment being polluted?
(d) What is the effect of pollution?
(e) How are people responsible for environment pollution?
(f) What should we do to stop environment pollution?

Environment Pollution

The surroundings in which a person, animal or plant lives are called environment. There are many elements in our environment. Air, water, soil, plants, animals, etc. are such elements. They are essential for the environment as well as human beings. These elements should be sound for our sound living. But when they are polluted and their essential balance is disrupted, this phenomenon is known as environmental pollution. Nowadays, almost everywhere, our environment is being seriously polluted. In many places in our country, the environment has become extremely polluted. We ourselves are responsible for this severe pollution. Industries and factories emit huge amount of smoke, gases and fume. Motor vehicles also emit large amout of smoke and gases. All these pollute air seriously and polluted air is very harmful for us. Water gets polluted due to dumping of industrial wastes and chemical fertilizers and insecticides which are washed away into rivers and canals. Due to the indiscriminate use of vehicle horns, loud speakers, mikes, etc. sound is polluted. Soil is polluted by harmful chemical fertilizers and insecticides. Besides, people are cutting down trees at random. All these are causing environmental pollution. Consequently, man becomes sick, animals and fishes are reducing, global warming is increasing, polar icecaps are melting, frequent floods are occurring and so on. We all should be aware of this harmful pollution and take effective measures to check it.

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